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Hospital blood bag label, test tube label, bottle sticker

- Sep 12, 2016 -


Jinbar provides PP synthetic paper and paper labels that combine the characteristics of the hospital and health care products industries, innovatively designed and developed a variety of high-performance products. Due to the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, the products are finely divided, such as test tubes and blood tape labels.

   1、 In order to meet the high labeling requirements of small-caliber products (such as ear-throats, small test tubes and healthy oral liquids), Jinbar makes full use of the properties of substrates and pressure-sensitive properties, and successfully puts small-label functions to truly serve customers. . Provide efficient and practical sticker information.

  2、The blood bag and injection bag need to be relabeled after entering the hospital or blood center and need to be stored under different conditions. The label of Kimba Hospital has good compliance and cold resistance and is widely used in the hospital industry.

Widely used in hospitals and health products. It is suitable for blood bags, test tubes and bottle stickers.

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